Why use NEWTON stabilized remote head in live TV broadcast
Newton stabilized remote head on hanging rail camera dolly


in live TV production

Newton Nordic manufactures the NEWTON system that remotely controls and stabilizes professional TV and film cameras in movement. With reliable stabilization but discreet features the NEWTON remote camera head is made to be moving in the center of the action for the capturing of live events in new dynamic ways. Through our products and our services, we offer our customers value in many ways.
NEWTON stabilized remote head for dynamic camera movement at live TV broadcast with Dactylcam 1D cablecam

Moving shots from new angles at live TV broadcast

NEWTON stabilized remote head for compact camera movement at live TV broadcast

Discreet camera movement in front of audience. Photo: ABC

Production value

NEWTON stabilized remote heads are used in the most prestigious broadcast productions in the world and here are a few reasons.
More camera angles

A NEWTON stabilized remote head on a moving platform enables fast changes of positions of the camera, thus giving you more camera angles.


As the NEWTON gimbal is compact, it also enables cameras to be positioned where a camera man or a big remote head would be hard to hide for the other cameras or for the audience onsite. For example, at stage performances, NEWTON is a popular camera system between the performers and the audience, due to its low-profile features.


Through premium gyro-stabilization and auto-horizon performance, NEWTON delivers outstanding image stability even during aggressive maneuvers and accelerations, in high speed wind and in strong g-forces. This enables these remote-controlled cameras to be shooting during motion and to create moving shots while following the action on various moving camera platforms. Read more about different shots and camera movement in live TV broadcast.

Precise camera operation

To create smooth dynamic footage with a remote-controlled camera head, it is essential to use a control panel with the right touch. The propitiatory NEWTON controller is developed with the input of professional broadcast operators and is highly demanded in the industry for its ergonomics, high customizability and intuitive control feel.

Reliable performance

At live TV broadcast where the whole world is watching, It is crucial that the equipment works flawlessly and Newton Nordic puts a lot of emphasis on creating high quality hardware products with dependable firmware. The NEWTON system has since the beginning of 2016 proven its reliability at the biggest productions in the world.

Broadcast integration

NEWTON is made for live broadcast and utilizes industry standard and uncompressed signals with seamless integration from camera to broadcast facilities. NEWTON also offers mounting and power out for a wide range of third party broadcast and cinema equipment.

Cost reduction

A camera head with gyro stabilization often reduces costs since it opens up for simpler dolly solutions and less meticulous rigging. Compared to other stabilized heads seen on broadcast sets, NEWTON is sold and rented at a lower price point. With the services of Newton Nordic, the NEWTON system can also be integrated with various dolly systems for joint operation and thus eliminate the need of extra operators.

Application value

The NEWTON stabilized heads can be mounted on practically anything that moves and NEWTON has been seen delivering steady images from extreme moving platforms such as airplanes, helicopters, trains and speed boats. However, the following applications are the most popular for NEWTON and on their pages you can see how NEWTON adds value to them.

NEWTON’s ultra-compact design enables installations of moving cameras in front or overhead of audience, without obstructing the view of spectators nor the other cameras on the live TV set. Get the TV viewers closer to the action with the NEWTON S2 remote camera system.

Ownership value

Besides being an excellent product, Newton Nordic strives to make the NEWTON system excellent to own.
Delivery & Training

To ensure reliable performance and successful productions all products undergo rigorous testing before reaching customers and all operators are recommended to undergo a one-day training before undertaking important assignments.

Manuals & Tutorials

On our website there are also manuals and tutorials in form of text and videos covering subjects such as assembling, balancing and tuning.

Firmware updates

The firmware of the NEWTON system is under constant development and all customers can download the latest update from the website. This ensures that a purchased NEWTON stays on top in the industry and compatible with the latest gear such as lens motors.


All products from Newton Nordic come with 1-year warranty, which can be extended, and if accidents happen we easily repair and exchange parts.


Our support staff is a quick call away and we are open Monday to Friday – 7:00 am to 10:00 pm CET. A majority of our customers have bought several systems from us and we believe one important reason is that we strive for our customers to be successful with our products.

Service Agreement

Newton Nordic offers various forms of support packages providing services such as discounted rental and backup systems. It is also possible to hand in older products for hardware refurbishment and upgrade to latest version.


NEWTON is built in high quality rugged aluminium for wear and tear in harsh environments and the joints are weather sealed for dust and rain. Since the whole system consists of only the head and controller, the system is convenient to handle and transport. It can for example be brought by one person on a regular flight without overweight charges.

Product value

For the product features of the NEWTON stabilized camera head and its remote controller:

We supply complete solutions

We have over the years gained a lot of experience of integration of complete moving camera platforms, from camera to broadcast facilities. With our partners we work solution orientated and do not hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions. Let’s see what we can offer to your specific demands.

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