Telescopic tower cam with NEWTON gyro stabilized remote camera head

Telescopic Tower

Newton stabilized head


NEWTON stabilized head
  • Unlimited pan.
  • Compact with low profile – easier to hide from other cameras.
  • 3-axis stabilization and control even during straight look down.
  • Clean video and data passthroughs between camera and broadcast facilities
About NEWTON ON telescopic Tower

The slim footprint of NEWTON makes it an ideal camera head for popping up or dipping down in the middle of the action for intimate camera angles. It can quickly move out of the way for other camera angles and the stabilization enables the camera to broadcast during full telescoping.

Egripment Starcam and MAT Towercam are both used by broadcast professionals worldwide, with the NEWTON system. Through our integration dongle, operators can control the telescoping with the NEWTON controller.

complete Tower system

We sell NEWTON S2 with Towercam
Newton stabilized remote head on tower cam

Want a Tower cam?

We sell NEWTON S2 stabilized remote heads for your existing towers but also complete systems with our partners. We can also direct you to our customers if you would like to rent these solutions.

Let us help you with Integration

We have over the years gained a lot of experience of integration of complete moving camera solutions, from camera to broadcast facilities. Let us guide you through the purchase of reliable converters, cables and other equipment.

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Newton stabilized remote head on tower cam

MAT Towercam with NEWTON S1, extended 10 m from ceiling, at Dancing With The Stars in CBS Studios Hollywood.

Newton stabilized remote head on tower cam

MAT Towercam with NEWTON S1 at Global Citizen Festival in South Africa

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