Support & service on NEWTON 3 axis-stabilized remote camera systems

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Support and service on NEWTON stabilized remote heads

Firmware UPDATE

VERSION 1.5.0 (April 2021)

The 1.5.0 release contains some minor bugfixes along with a few major new features and compared to the previous major release (1.4.x) the following has been changed:

  • Adds lens mapping for explicit and configurable mapping of the focus values. This provides a way to match the focus values shown on the lens with what is shown in the NEWTON controller feedback.
  • The C2 controller and S2 head can now communicate through their RS232 ports. This allows use of a wider range of radio modems or embedding the signal in another transmission system.
  • FIZC communication has been rewritten to provide more consistent result in cases of bad connection.

Minor bug in this release: The alert “ERROR GROUP ID: 0200: 0001a” means that the RS-232 port cannot be found and if it’s an older control panel without a RS-232 port, this message should be ignored.

The 1.5.0 is a new major release and update all of the devices (NEWTON head, controller & camera/lens dongles) to the latest firmware version to ensure compatibility.

The FIZC-dongle 1.3.1 release contains a bugfix for Teradek RT / RT motion, making zoom speed normal.

Firmware features

Discover the new features in our firmware releases.


Learn how to balance and tune the NEWTON system.

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