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Firmware UPDATE

VERSION 1.6.0 (January 2022)

Firmware update 1.6.0 is a major release which adds a number of free features and bug fixes. 1.6.0 also introduces licensed features to be loaded with individual license keys for each feature and NEWTON product. Contact for more info.
License-based new features:
  1. Wheels Input. Enables camera pan & tilt operation using NODO Inertia Wheels. Requires a NEWTON NODO dongle.
  2. AR Output. Allows output of tracking data for camera angle and zoom value, required for generation of Augmented Reality pictures overlays.
  3. Motion Control – operation from an external source. Allows for both real-time and pre-recorded control of NEWTON head and lens, from for example a computer, over Ethernet protocol.

Both AR Output and Motion Control are experimental features, which can be tried for 40 hours without license.

Free new features:
  1. Adds a way to scale the focus wheel input. This is especially useful on the C2 version with dual joystick where you now can set the joystick focus knob to have a full range of up to four full rotations.
  2. Allows max zoom speed to be mapped to an encoder knob on C1/C2 controller.
  3. In the S1/S2 menu, the “ABOUT” tab shows firmware version and runtime for the head.

For compatibility, all NEWTON devices (head, controller & camera/lens dongles) must be updated to the latest firmware version.

Firmware features

Discover the new features in our firmware releases.


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