Railcam remote dolly cameras producing Augmented Reality in live TV
stabilized rail cameras producing Augmented Reality avatars at Alter Ego

Producing Augmented Reality in live TV broadcast with rail cam systems

3 NEWTON stabilized remote camera systems on rail dollies capturing virtual avatars singing on "Alter Ego"

Alter Ego TV Show 2021

Fluid Pictures Inc.

Camera systems

For this groundbreaking TV production, 10 cameras are used on different platforms: 3x railcams, 1x JitaCam, 1x handheld, 1x Steadicam, 3x pedestals, 1x behind the scene. These 10 cameras are equipped with Stype RedSpy tracking devices, so the Pixotope graphics engine knows how the avatars should be rendered in each camera feed.

Our customer Fluid Pictures Inc. supplies the 3 rail systems that are placed along the stage. Each dolly has a telescopic pedestal that features a NEWTON stabilized remote head, controlling Sony HDC-P50 cameras and Canon lenses.

Alter Ego

Alter Ego is an American music competition game show that premiered on Fox on September 22, 2021. The series is hosted by Rocsi Diaz.

The premise of the show is that contestants compete in singing and dancing through digital projected avatars on physical stage. The contestant sing and dance backstage, while motion capture technology captures their moves, and projects an avatar of the contestant on stage.

Broadcast camera with NEWTON stabilized remote system on rail cam dolly

NEWTON S2 stabilized camera head with it’s C2 control panel, featuring joystick for camera and joystick for lens control.

Broadcast camera on remote stabilized telescopic rail dolly system at Alter Ego

Remote controlled camera system: stabilized camera on a telescopic pedestal, that moves on a rail dolly under the stage.

Broadcast camera with Stype Redspy producing Augmented Reality from remote stabilized rail dolly system

NEWTON stabilized head with Sony HDC-P50 camera, canon lens and Stype RedSpy for the digital rendering of the avatars on stage.

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