NEWTON stabilized remote head on telescopic camera crane at TV event
Newton stabilized remote head on telescopic crane

NEWTON stabilized remote head on A TECHNOCRANE 22 camera crane

The compact NEWTON in live TV broadcast from a telescopic camera crane, placed in a tight space among people


By Dagsljus

The Swedish rental house Dagsljus was assigned to provide 6 cameras for the live TV broadcast. One was a Sony HDC-P1 mounted in a NEWTON stabilized remote head on a Technocrane 22 telescopic camera crane, squeezed in by the stage.

We put the NEWTON here since it’s very convenient with a compact and lightweight stabilized head on this small telescopic camera crane, especially since it will move so close to the performers and the audience. The great 3-axis stabilization also enables us to move the camera quickly without worrying about the picture.

Patrik Leidstedt, Key Grip, Dagsljus



The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation was founded in 1979 and works to ensure that affected children, teens and their families receive care and support. Once a year the foundation arranges a fundraiser gala with various performances and this event also celebrates the top comedians in Sweden. In 2017, the event was held at Berns in Stockholm, on 2 October and hosted by Carina Berg. The event was broadcast live on Channel 5 and raised approx. 8 million Euros to cancer research, through public donations.

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