NEWTON stabilized remote head on Spidercam and Blackcam at IBC 2019
NEWTON stabilized head on Blackcam rail dolly and Spidercam cable cam at IBC 2019

Newton Nordic exhibiting cable cam and rail cam at IBC 2019

Together with Spidercam, a NEWTON stabilized head was flying over the visitors, while producing Augmented Reality overlay

IBC Expo 2019

By Newton Nordic, Spidercam & Blackcam

Newton Nordic has exhibited at IBC since 2013 and in 2019 we built up a booth in the Holland Hall lobby together with our customer Spidercam GmbH and the rail manufacturer Blackcam. With Blackcam we displayed a very compact rail system, operated by one person through foot pedals and our NEWTON controller. This combo is for example used at the broadcast of “World of Dance” in Los Angeles, where it enables a discreet camera moving around the stage with a live audience behind it.

In cooperation with the IBC management, we also displayed a live Spidercam Light cable cam system, flying over the visitors as they were entering and exiting the show halls. To communicate with them, we mounted a small monitor underneath the camera, displaying messages we wrote at the control station. The visitors could also try out operating the Sony P43 camera and fly through the various Augmented Reality overlays that Spidercam had brought from previous broadcast productions.

We had a great time at IBC and our content producer Andreas Bjerner made a few videos that we published during the show, which you can see below. IBC also published a video, interviewing Matthias Kluth of Spidercam GmbH at the opening of the expo.


The International Broadcasting Convention, IBC, is held annually at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is the biggest trade show in Europe for broadcasters, content creators/providers, equipment manufacturers and other participants in the broadcasting, entertainment and technology industry. For example in 2017, IBC attracted more than 55,000 attendees from 150 countries around the world, meeting more than 1,700 of the world’s key technology suppliers.

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