NEWTON stabilized remote head on Spidercam's 3D cablecam systems
Newton stabilized head on spidercam 3D cable cam cricket

NEWTON S2 stabilized camera head on Spidercam light & fielddolly+

Adding camera control and stabilization to Spidercam's flagship product lines for 3D cable cam systems

NEWTON Customer

Spidercam GmbH

Spidercam GmbH is among the world´s biggest providers of cable cam services to live TV broadcast productions such as sports and concerts. The Austrian company started in 2000 and has since then built up a large fleet of 3D cable cam systems, servicing worldwide with additional offices in Germany, USA and Australia. Through 4 winches pulling cables, their dollies can fly around big areas and this camera movement has become popular on for example cricket and football. A few years ago Spidercam did not use 3-axis stabilization on their camera heads but since 2017 Newton Nordic is the proud supplier of NEWTON remote stabilized heads to Spidercam´s flagship product lines Spidercam Light & Fielddolly+.

Fielddolly+ is the bigger dolly system containing more battery power and that can fly faster over wider areas such as Rugby and cricket pitches. Spidercam Light on the other hand has a smaller and more lightweight dolly, intended for indoor events where a ceiling demand a minimum of cable sag. Spidercam Light was developed for the NEWTON head in recent years, but has already made a name for itself at for example the Beyoncé & Jay-Z OTR2 tour, X-factor and MTV Music Video Awards.See more at
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