NEWTON stabilized head on railcam and cablecam at MTV Awards 2017
Newton stabilized head on rail cam VMAs top

A Newton remote head sliding on the stage at the MTV Awards


MTV Video Music Awards 2017

By Atlantic Cine Equipment (ACE)

The Atlantic Cine Equipment (ACE) is an American service provider, specialized in remote controlled cameras since 1986, with branches in New York, Baltimore och Los Angeles. ACE receives many prominent assignments, such as the Oscars, Golden Globes etc, and for MTV Video Music Awards, they set up both a 3D wire and a rail system for the live broadcast. Their 3D wire system is the Spidercam® Light  which is designed especially for smaller venues such as studios and indoor sport arenas, where the conventional Spidercam system is impractical due to low ceiling or other structural obstacles. NEWTON is the standard head of the Spidercam® Light package since its low weight results in a higher elevation of the camera, and this 4-point rope system can move a stabilized camera at 6 m/s in a range of 70 x 70 m.

The rail system, on the other hand, was their SlotRunner, which through a linear gap in the stage floor enabled NEWTON to slide on top of the stage, delivering low angle shots of the artists from a only a few feet away.

In the video below you can see footage from both NEWTONs and at 0:52 you see a NEWTON slide on the stage while the artist Logic performs his song “1-800-273-8255”.


MTV Video Music Awards is star studded show, honoring the music videos released during the previous year and in 2017 it was the 34th annual event, held on August 27. Katy Perry was hosting the event at The Forum in Los Angeles and the music video for Taylor Swift’s song “Look What You Made Me Do” premiered during the show. The live broadcast by Viacom was seen by “only” 5.7 million viewers but streaming services have afterwards substantially raised the viewing numbers; for example the video below has, at the time of writing, 19 million views.

Newton stabilized remote head on camera track system at MTV VMAs Atlantic Cine Equipment
Newton stabilized head on spidercam light cable cam
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