NEWTON stabilized remote head on camera car at Jukola orienteering race
Newton stabilized remote head on car Koptercam

NEWTON stabilizing car shots throughout 8 hours of live TV broadcast

NEWTON stabilized remote head on a DitoGear vertical car slider, operated from the comfort of a car seat


By KopterCam

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, was broadcasting this event live throughout the night and the Finnish service provider KopterCam was hired to deliver camera angles from both air and car. The Aerial footage was shot with a DJI Inspire 2 drone and the tracking car consisted of a DitoGear car kit with a NEWTON stabilized head and a Sony HDC-P1 camera.


Jukola is the biggest orienteering relay race in the world, with more than 15 000 participants each year. It is held annually in June, since 1949, in different sites around Finland and the proportion of international orienteers has lately been approx. 20%, representing some 20 different nationalities. The Jukola relay has seven legs with distances varying from 7 to 15 km and the race takes place between around 11pm and 7am, resulting in a few hours of darkness in the short Nordic summer nights.

NEWTON stabilized remote head on camera tracking car Koptercam
Newton stabilized remote head on car
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