NEWTON stabilized remote head on cablecam at Eurovision Qualifications
Newton stabilized head on cable cam

soaring cable cam shots of the EUROVISION QUALIFICATIONS Tour

The NEWTON stabilized camera system delivers year after year at Sweden's most prestigious live TV production


By Horisont Camera Solutions & NEP Sweden

Horisont Camera Solutions was earlier the most hired provider of cable cam services for live broadcast of events such as sports and shows in Sweden. They received their NEWTON S1 stabilized remote head just in time for their participation in the tour 2017. In 2018 they returned, making a Sony P1 camera soar over the approx. 10.000 spectators in each arena. See more about Horisont Camera Solutions here.

NEP Sweden is the host broadcaster for these events and since 2019 they provide their own NEWTON S2 stabilized head on a DEFY Dactylcam. It spans diagonal across the biggest arenas in Sweden with reliable connection via broadcast grade wireless links.

At these shows there is also a NEWTON remote head moving along the stage on a rail system, that you can see more about here.


Melodifestivalen 2017 was the 57th edition of the annual Swedish music competition, selecting the entry of Sweden to the Eurovision Song Contest later in the year. These ambitious qualifications consist of a 6 live show tour around the country and take place in February – March every year. Organized and broadcast by the Swedish state television (SVT), these events on average have 3.3 million TV viewers, ranking these shows as the most watched programs on Swedish television. With a third of the Swedish population watching, these big budget productions are at the forefront of broadcast technology with a constant pursuit of more dynamical multi camera productions.

Newton stabilized head on Dactylcam cable cam live TV broadcast
Newton stabilized remote camera head for TV broadcast on cable cam Dactylcam
Newton stabilized head controller on Dactylcam cable cam live TV broadcast
Newton stabilized head on Dactylcam cable cam live TV broadcast
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