NEWTON stabilized remote head on cable cam with Horisont Camera Solutions
Newton stabilized head on cable cam at live TV broadcast

NEW angles with the NEWTON 3-axis stabilized head at live events

The NEWTON camera system helped Sweden’s most hired provider of cable cam services to scale up their business in broadcasting of live events

VARIOUS Broadcast EVENTS 2017 - 2019

By Horisont Camera Solutions

Newton stabilized head cable cam at live TV broadcast

Horisont Camera Solutions is the main provider of 1D cable cam solutions in Sweden for live broadcast of events such as sports and TV shows. In the beginning of 2017, the company exchanged their remote camera head, from a budget gimbal, to a NEWTON S1 and this was an important upgrade for them. One key reason for investing in the NEWTON stabilized head was the more high-profile assignments the company were entrusted with, and within a month after receiving their NEWTON they were scheduled to cover Melodifestivalen, the Swedish qualifications to the Eurovision song contest. See more here. With NEWTON they received the quality they were looking for to strengthen the demand of them on the Swedish broadcast market. A stabilized head which was robust, reliable, stable and strong enough to deliver the dynamic footage that they had started to create a demand for.

Since Melodifestivalen 2017, and the implementation of NEWTON, the company has dramatically increased their presence on the Swedish scene, with prestige assignments at for example the Longines FEI World Cup 2017 (equestrian sports), Allsvenskan (Swedish football league), Elitloppet 2017 (horse race), Kristallengalan 2017 (awards show), Idols 2017 (TV show), Idrottsgalan 2018 (awards show), the Ski Cross World Cup 2018 and Melodifestivalen 2018.

Finally we received the power we need, with a gimbal that still is compact and lightweight. With NEWTON we can finally be confident that the footage has a level horizon (horisont in Swedish) just as our company name promises and it’s only now that we dare to exploit the full range of the cable system with high speeds, full zoom and still keeping the image steady. The NEWTON stabilized head is a clear notch up for our service offering of live broadcast in big arenas.
Kristian Öryd and Niklas Östling, the founders of Horisont Camera Solutions
Newton stabilized head controller cable cam at live TV broadcast
Newton stabilized head cable cam at live TV broadcast
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