NEWTON stabilized remote head on 3D cablecam at Produce 101
Newton stabilized head on cable cam skywalker systems korea

NEWTON stabilized remote head flying on on 3D cable cam in korea

For a season of TV shows, Skywalker Systems Korea used their NEWTON equipped 3D wire system above the audience, to produce intriguing footage for the broadcast

Produce 101: 2017

Skywalker Systems Korea

Skywalker Systems Korea is a the country’s biggest service provider, specialized in wire rigging solutions for flying cameras and performers. For the broadcast of Produce 101, they installed their 3D wire system in the studio and made a camera package fly in 3 dimensions through the tension of 4 wires connected to winches. The result is a highly dynamic camera system that can capture a moving overview of the whole show as well as fly the camera around the performers.

The whole system is maneuvered by two operators, one for the winces moving the dolly, and one for NEWTON via its controller. Besides tension, the wires contain cables for two way communication between the camera package and the broadcast facility.

Due to the lightweight but robust design, combined with reliable performance, NEWTON is the stabilized head of choice for us in these high profile assignments.

Dae Won Yoon, Skywalker Systems Korea, 2017


Produce 101 (Season 2) is a 2017 music reality show on the Korean music TV channel Mnet. It is a large-scale project and the show has the second-largest budget of all shows produced by Mnet, at about US $3.4 million. In the series, the public produces a boy band by choosing 11 members among 101 trainees from 51 entertainment companies, and then chooses the group’s concept, debut song, as well as the group name. In the season finale on June 16, which was broadcast live, the show announced the final members who would star in the created music group Wanna One.

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