Newton stabilized head on rail cam dolly at live TV broadcast

The compact NEWTON moving in front of the stage

When Swedish television produces its most prestigious live shows, NEWTON enables a discreet rail cam in front of the stage, without disturbing the show for the 10.000 people in the audience


By Ljud & Bildmedia and Dagsljus

Ljud & Bildmedia and Dagsljus are two Swedish rental houses for film/TV production that own NEWTON systems, which they both have supplied on remote rail dollies to the Melodifestivalen tour in recent years. In 2017, a NEWTON was mounted on a Egripment G-Track system with a telescopic tower travelling along a 20 meter rail track between rows of seated audience. Since 2018 the same system has instead been placed just in front of the stage. Due to the telescopic tower and the discrete features of NEWTON, the camera can be lowered below the stage while not on air and still be discreet while on air. This gives the technical director access to a moving low angle SONY P1 camera with Canon HJ 14 lens, right in front of the performers, without disturbing the line of sight for other cameras nor the audience on site. Due to the integration between our NEWTON controller and the Egripment G-Track system, the NEWTON operator controls the rail with foot pedals and the telescopic tower with the NEWTON control panel.

At these shows there is also a NEWTON system on cable cam, that you can see more about here.


Melodifestivalen 2017 was the 57th edition of the annual Swedish music competition, selecting the entry of Sweden to the Eurovision Song Contest later in the year. These ambitious qualifications consist of a 6 live show tour around the country and take place in February – March every year. Organized and broadcast by the Swedish state television (SVT), these events on average have 3.3 million TV viewers, ranking these shows as the most watched programs on Swedish television. With a third of the Swedish population watching, these big budget productions are at the forefront of broadcast technology with a constant pursuit of more dynamical multi camera productions.

Newton stabilized head on rail cam dolly
Newton stabilized head controller on rail cam dolly
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