NEWTON stabilized head on cable cam at Red Bull Straight Rhythm
Newton stabilized head Red Bull cable cam

FAst cable cam tracking with the newton 3-axis gimbal

Long, smooth and stabilized trucking shots of speeding motorcycles at live TV broadcast


By Condorcam

The cable cam

Condorcam is a service provider based in Denver, USA, specialized in extraordinary camera angles. For the live broadcast of Red Bull Straight Rhythm since 2016, they every year mount their NEWTON head with a Sony HDC-P1 camera and Canon HJ14 lens, on their own-developed cable cam trolley, which can reach up to 60 mph. The 1D wire is stretched several hundred meters along the straight race track, enabling the camera to travel alongside the speeding motorcycles, with NEWTON stabilizing and controlling the camera.

At CondorCam we’re always staying on pulse with new technology and systems that can help enhance our overall production, the NEWTON S1 and its controller are doing just that. The robust motors in the head can handle our 20+ lb payload going 65+ mph when tracking motorcycles and the sensitivity of the NEWTON controller’s one of the best controllers I’ve had my hands on.

Jesse Placky, founder of CondorCam, at the production in 2016


Red Bull Straight Rhythm is a unique motocross competition where practice, qualifying and racing all take place on the same day, with the finals taking place at night under the lights. It gathers the world’s best riders in head-to-head racing on an ‘unwound’ track where there are no turns, just a 800 meter straight rhythm section.

Newton stabilized head controller operator cable cam Red Bull live TV broadcast
Newton stabilized head Red Bull cable cam
Newton stabilized head Red Bull cable cam
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