Stabilized remote head for TV & cine camera - NEWTON S2
Newton stabilized remote head for live TV broadcast

Newton S2

Stabilized remote head

Stabilized head for TV broadcast

of world-class events

NEWTON S1 stabilized remote head was first introduced in early 2016 and has since then become recognized as one of the top remote-controlled camera stabilizers in the TV broadcast industry. Acquired by companies such as NEP, RailCam and Spidercam, NEWTON is used in the most demanding live broadcast conditions, where reliable, high performance is key. Due to compact features and precise camera operation, NEWTON is now controlling moving TV cameras at the biggest live events around the world.
NEWTON stabilized remote head on Spidercam cable cam at live TV broadcast
NEWTON stabilized remote head on cable cam at live TV broadcast

Only the overview

If you do not want to get into the technical specifications about our NEWTON stabilized remote heads you can read more general info about the benefits of our moving camera solutions at: WHY NEWTON

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NEWTON stabilized remote head for live TV broadcast
Stabilized remote head


  • Precise control of camera and lens systems.
  • 3-axis gyro-stabilization in all angles without gimbal lock.
  • Unlimited pan in 360°/sec.
  • Video out: fiber for 4K+ or 3G SDI.
  • Extra SDI video passthrough for genlock or overlay.
  • Passthrough for remote camera control (iris/paint).
  • Reliable control via wireless data links or cable.
  • Instant integration with dollies and broadcast equipment.
  • Compact – approx. 40 cm tall with camera.
  • Lightweight – approx. 7 kg without camera.

PLug in. relax. Broadcast.

moving camera stabilization

The NEWTON S2 stabilized remote head opens up for lightweight and low profile camera systems, enabling creative camera movement in the capturing of highly dynamic footage.


  • Precise control of camera and lens due to intuitive feeling, ergonomic features and high customizability of the control panel.
  • Reliable system that does not fail you during live TV broadcast.
  • Steady horizon, with low gyro-drift, both outdoors and indoors due to multiple non-GPS dependent sensors and proprietary algorithms.
  • Brushless and quick 3-axis stabilization motors, that are strong enough to handle high speed car chasing on dirt roads with up to 120 mm focal length.
  • Our support staff aim to make all your productions successful.


  • Lightweight and compact stabilized remote head which enable discreet camera placement near the action and make it practical to travel with.
  • Lean system only consisting of stabilized remote head and control panel.
  • Short setup time with a camera cage, enabling the storage of a balanced and tuned camera package, ready for quick remount.
  • Hot swappable batteries, powering a camera up to 3 hours.
  • Silent stabilized remote head, for intimate TV studios.
  • Robust and weather proof aluminum body for wear in harsh environments.


  • Cost efficient and can be used on a variety of moving camera platforms, enabling economies of scale and experienced technicians/operators.
  • Proprietary sophisticated software which is modern, reliable, under constant development and easily upgradable.
  • A variety of features such as pan-follow, motors locked, motion record, lens mapping, zoom desensitize etc.
  • Large high-resolution display, with real-time gimbal, camera and lens data.
  • Supports Augmented Reality (AR), as an additional feature, through output of tracking data for camera angle and lens value.
  • Supports operation/control from an external source, as an additional feature. Allows for both real-time and pre-recorded control of gimbal and lens, from for example a computer, over Ethernet protocol.


  • Made for broadcast cameras such as SONY HDC-P1, P43, P50, Grass Valley LDX-C80 & C86 Compact, Panasonic AK-UB300, Hitachi DH-H200 etc. but is also used with bigger cameras eg. Phantom Flex 4K.
  • Is sold with cables/converters for the passthrough of video and camera control to fit the camera connectors.
  • Integrated control of lens motors from Canon, Fujinon and RTmotion.
  • Allows control of telescopic towers from for example RTS & Egripment. 
  • Clean passthroughs of signals and offers power out to accessories, allowing the use of for example wireless video and serial data links of choosing.
  • Supports start and stop on RED cameras and Arri Alexa Mini.


Fiber video out for TV broadcast in 4K+
  • Is sold with fiber-BNC converters depending on camera model.


3G video out for TV broadcast in 1080p60
  • Here integrated with RTmotion lens motors.

moving cameras

NEWTON S2 stabilized remote head is used on a variety of moving applications such as telescopic cranes, cable cams, high speed rails, tower cams, tracking cars, motorcycles and boats.

NEWTON´s ultra-compact design enables installations of moving cameras in front or overhead of audience, without obstructing the view of spectators nor other cameras. Get the live TV viewers closer to the action with the NEWTON stabilized camera control system.

NEWTON C2 Controller

Precise control of the NEWTON stabilized remote head.

The first NEWTON remote controller was introduced in 2015 and has ever since been praised as one of the best control panels for stabilized camera systems in live TV broadcast. The C2, that started to ship in October 2020, features the option of lens control through joystick with an endless rotary top and we have also improved our standard lens control with a sturdier and even smoother zoom rocker. Another new feature is detachable antennas for easier exchange and for the use of third-party antenna options. A RS232 serial port is also added for third party wireless data communication. Together with our customers we strive to have the panel with the best control feel in the industry and our development is always guided by broadcast professionals spending long days on set.

Choose lens control

Focus with endless rotary top.
Now with sturdier and smoother zoom rocker.

The C2 remote controller is ideal for multi camera TV productions. Joystick for lens control makes it easy to adjust focus and zoom at the same time and this is crucial to get nice smooth shots. I have used the C2 on TV productions like MasterChef and Family Food Fight in Norway and soon I will bring it to Let’s Dance and The Voice as well. It was a pleasure guiding the development of this control panel and I am excited to now use it on music productions.

Øyvind Granborg, Norway
Operating NEWTON on telescopic cranes

One of the best control panels I’ve used! Love the feel of the joystick and quick adjustability in the onboard menus. Being able to disconnect and walk over to the NEWTON head and plug in with one cable (or wireless if I choose) to tune the head saves so much time. I have operated NEWTON a lot on for example Ninja Warrior and its controller is definitely my favorite!

Santiago Yniguez, USA
Operating NEWTON on 1D and 3D cable cams

wheels Operation

For those who prefer wheels for gimbal operation, the NEWTON stabilized remote heads can be controlled through NODO Inertia 2-Axis Wheels. This wheel system is very smooth, features highly adjustable inertia motors, and is connected to the NEWTON C2 controller with an integration dongle.

See more about this wheel system at:

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Remote controller & stabilized head

Typical cameras

NEWTON on set

We evaluated the NEWTON S2 Fiber in live sports broadcast during the product development and we are now integrating the stabilized heads on our product line for 4K broadcast of soccer, motor sports, cricket etc. The capability of providing rock steady shots, even in difficult conditions, and the freedom in maneuvering the camera, made the NEWTON camera system the right choice for our way forward.

Jan Peters, Spidercam GmbH, Nov 2018
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