Camera vehicle with NEWTON stabilized remote head
Newton stabilized remote head on camera car for tracking shots

Camera vehicle

NEWTON stabilized head

NEWTON on camera vehicle

key features - NEWTON stabilized remote head
  • Lightweight, enabling the use of lightweight vehicles and mounts
  • Powerful stabilization in high speed winds and on dirt roads
  • Steady auto-horizon performance in high speed turns
  • Optional back-pan for easier tracking
About NEWTON ON tracking vehicle

NEWTON stabilized head has been used for film production and live broadcast from on a wide range of vehicles such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars, trains, helicopters and even light airplanes. However, the most common vehicle application is on cars, tracking runners at live broadcast of for example NY Marathon. This enables an operator to sit inside the comfort of a car, instead of on the back of a motorcycle, as was standard before, and a properly mounted camera, instead of a handheld, also affect the steadiness and control of the live image.

The vehicle mount to choose for NEWTON is a question of budget and both vertical sliders and roof attached cranes enables very dynamic camera movement. However, for approx €6,000, the Black Arm from Flowcine offers much value and is often used with the NEWTON stabilized head in TV and film production. 

complete Vehicle rig

We sell NEWTON S2 with Flowcine Black Arm
Newton stabilized remote head on flowcine black arm

Want a camera vehicle?

We sell NEWTON S2 stabilized remote heads for your existing mounts but also complete systems with various partners. We can also direct you to our customers if you would like to rent these solutions.

Let us help you with Integration

We have over the years gained a lot of experience of integration of complete moving camera solutions, from camera to broadcast facilities. Let us guide you through the purchase of reliable wireless links, converters, cables and other equipment.

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Cam Vehicles on set

What I noticed right out of the gate is that, with NEWTON, no matter what the boat did, no matter how fast the boat went, it was rock solid stable footage.

Charles White, DP/Producer, Malibu Boats
tracking camera with NEWTON stabilized remote head on golf at live TV broadcast
tracking camera with NEWTON stabilized remote head on car at live TV broadcast
NEWTON stabilized head on car mount at live TV broadcast
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