Telescopic camera crane with NEWTON stabilized remote head

Camera crane

Newton stabilized head


NEWTON stabilized head
  • 3-axis stabilization and control even during straight look down.
  • Lightweight, enabling the use of lightweight cranes or less counterweights.
  • Compact with low profile – easier to hide from other cameras.
  • Optional pan-follow for easier tracking.
About NEWTON ON telescopic crane

NEWTON is used on small jibs and cranes where the operator want more aggressive movement but it is also popular on bigger telescopic cranes where the telescoping creates vibrations. Since NEWTON is lightweight, it demands less counterweights on long cranes and this makes the crane much easier to move. The compact size makes it also easier to hide from other cameras in live broadcast and poses as less a threat to an audience underneath.

complete crane system

We sell NEWTON S2 with various cranes
Newton stabilized remote head on telescopic crane

Interested in cranes?

We sell NEWTON S2 stabilized remote heads for your existing cranes but also complete systems with various partners. We can also direct you to our customers if you would like to rent these solutions.

Let us help you with Integration

We have over the years gained a lot of experience of integration of complete moving camera solutions, from camera to broadcast facilities. Let us guide you through the purchase of reliable converters, cables and other equipment.

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Cranes on set

NEWTON is so much lighter than our other stabilized heads and with it I can remove at least 100 kg counterweights from my Moviebird 52. Since it’s small we can also get the camera higher up, which is great, especially indoors.

Tossief Jafri, Owner Operator, Empire Media Norway
Newton stabilized head on moviebird telescopic crane
Newton stabilized head on jib
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