Cable cam with unlimited pan at Top Chef Greece - Newton Nordic
NEWTON on cable cam in TV studio for cooking program in Greece

Moving overhead shots with tight zoom and unlimited pan at cooking show

NEWTON stabilized remote head controlling a Sony HDC-P50 broadcast camera and Canon lens moving on a cable cam



New for the 2021 season of “Top Chef” in Greece, a cable cam is moving over the TV studio and shoots the cooking competition 5 days a week. The cable cam consists of a Defy Dactylcam with a NEWTON S2 Fiber stabilized remote head, that controls a Sony HDC-P50 broadcast camera with Canon HJ17 ENG lens. This remote dolly system moves over the middle of the kitchen and captures both wide and zoomed in shots on all sides. With NEWTON, the cable cam gains unlimited pan and low gyro drift, that enables the capture of many types of shots, and adds a new dimension to the tripod and handheld cameras.
On this production, the NEWTON head is connected with the control panel through the system’s internal 2.4 GHz wireless modems. Video and camera control is transferred wirelessly by a Vislink HCAM 4K mounted on and powered from the Dactylcam dolly. From the camera, video is passing through the NEWTON head via its fiber ports, and camera control via its RJ45 ports. Since the Sony HDC-P50 has 12G video, small converters are used for the head’s fiber channel.
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Broadcast camera on cable cam at Top Chef Greece 2021
NEWTON control panel for stabilized remote head with broadcast camera

NEWTON control panel with zoomed in shots of the contestants’ food presentations.

Dactylcam with Sony HDC-P50, Canon lens, Vislink HCAM and NEWTON stabilized camera system

Defy Dactylcam with NEWTON remote head, stabilization in all angles.

Cable cam with unlimited pan - Sony HDC-P50, Canon lens, Vislink HCAM

Moving overhead shots are complementing the handheld cameras. 

Nikolaos Barlabas at Moviecrane Greece with their NEWTON stabilized remote head

Nikos Barlabas balancing a camera on the NEWTON stabilized remote head. 

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