AERIGON cinema drone UAV

THE pioneering

AERIGON Cinema Drone

AERIGON was the world’s first serially manufactured, six-armed unmanned aerial vehicle designed for professional cinema and broadcast production.

The AERIGON drone pioneered in its field but has now been discontinued. Our first version, The Black Armoured Drone was launched in 2013, and the succeeding AERIGON was sold 2014 – 2017, under our previous company name, Intuitive Aerial. 

AERIGON was designed for strength with a lightweight body of prepreg carbon-fiber consisting of a 6 arm helicopter and a stabilized camera gimbal standing on 3 feet. Each helicopter arm has 2 counter-rotating rotors with a proprietary power distribution system providing the power and precision to fly professional camera configurations with pro zoom lenses and full FIZ (Focus, Iris and Zoom) control.

The system demands two operators with the helicopter controlled by a Futaba controller and the camera gimbal by our propitiatory controller, same as the NEWTON series. AERIGONs were shipped worldwide to pilots praising the power and precision of AERIGON in flight while cinematographers and camera operators enjoyed the stability and accuracy of the gimbal’s proprietary control and stabilization system.

Following the demand for gimbals on other platforms, we refined the gimbal technology from AERIGON and in 2016 released the NEWTON stabilized head, which has now been shipped in considerably higher numbers.


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Short Specification


Light-weight and rugged carbon-fiber structure.

Weight (unloaded)

12 kg excluding batteries.

airframe diameter

151 cm.


Weight: 2 – 9 kg.
Max length behind center of gravity: 22 cm.
Recommended focal lenght: 24 – 60 mm.

Flight time

7-15 minutes depending on payload.


Helicopter: 3 x Lithium-Ion Polymer 22.2 V (nominal) 10000 mAh rechargeable batteries or 3 x 16000 mAH 22.2 V.
Gimbal: 1 x Lithium-Ion Polymer 14 – 16 V 4500 mAh, 4 – cell rechargeable battery.

Wireless Control

2.4 GHz FHSS up to 1000 m.

Stories about AERIGON

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AERIGON drone Newton Nordic
AERIGON drone Newton Nordic
AERIGON drone Newton Nordic
AERIGON drone Newton Nordic
AERIGON drone ready player one

Helicopter Film Services on set for Ready Player One (2018).

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