Accessories to NEWTON stabilized remote camera systems
Newton stabilized remote head on MagCam remote camera dolly



NEWTON S series

AR Output

Allows output of tracking data for camera angle and zoom value, required for generation of Augmented Reality pictures overlays.

Motion Control

Operation from an external source. Allows for both real-time and pre-recorded control of NEWTON head and lens, from for example a computer, over Ethernet protocol.

NODO Wheels Input

Enables camera pan & tilt operation using NODO Inertia Wheels. Requires a NEWTON NODO dongle.

Nodo Wheels kit

Operate the NEWTON gimbal with NODO Inertia wheels. The kit includes 2-axis wheels, NODO control dongle and firmware license.

Nodo Wheels control

Connects NODO wheels with the NEWTON controller for wheels operation of the NEWTON gimbal. Firmware license is required.


Kit with lens motors for control via the NEWTON controller.


Connects Teradek RT MK 3.1 receiver to the NEWTON head for lens control via the NEWTON controller. Also supports Start/Stop of camera REC function on compatible cameras.


Connects Fujinon ENG/EFP lens drive units to the NEWTON head for control via the NEWTON controller.


Connects Canon ENG/EFP lens drive units to the NEWTON head for control via the NEWTON controller.

PRICE: € 615

Support for Canon CN-E 18-80 mm & 70-200 mm lenses with serial 5-pin LEMO connectors.


Connects RED cameras to the NEWTON head for Start/Stop control via the NEWTON controller. Supports Epic, Dragon and Weapon.

Arri Camera CONTROL

Connects Arri Alexa Mini cameras to the NEWTON head for Start/Stop control via the NEWTON controller.


For sending analog signals (±10V) to third party systems and receiving active low digital input. Can for example be integrated with RTS and Egripment rail systems for telescopic tower control via the NEWTON controller. Can also be mapped to trigger functions in the NEWTON system such as motion record from an external source. Open end cable.

12G SDI Cable

Short high quality video cable between the NEWTON camera cradle and the camera, supporting up 12G (4K). The angled plug by the camera makes it less obtrusive.

Straight Plug to Angled Plug
Length: 30 cm


Store your camera & lens balanced and ready to quickly mount on NEWTON head. Include counter weights for long camera packages and vibration absorbers for higher PID-settings and stabilization power. Approved for Alexa Mini, RED Epic/Dragon, Sony F5/55, Grass Valley LDC Compact, Sony HDC-P1/P43/P50

  • 2x Top/Bottom Plates with cheese plate hole patterns and nato rails
  • 8x counter weights, approx 250g each
  • 4×3 rods for supported camera dimensions
Camera Counterweight

Counterweight in brass for the back of a Sony HDC-P1, P31, P43, P50 and Grassvalley LDX Compact camera. Can be mounted both on top and underneath the camera. Various mounting screws are included.

HxWxD: 17 x 87 x 49 mm
Weight: 540 g


Lightweight and compact, with castle nut.

Weight: 380 g


Secures the top of the camera to the NEWTON head and is highly recommended.


Dual battery charger/AC adaptor for BP-U30/U60/U90 Lithium-ion battery packs.

Head Power supply

Input: 100-240V ~5A.
Output: 25V ⎓16A, 400W max.

HxWxD: 110 x 68 x 235 mm.

proprietary head BATTERY

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery without flight restrictions. Custom made and only for use with NEWTON head. 14.4 V, 85 Wh.

HxWxD: 41.5 x 120.7 x 69.7 mm
Weight: 475 g

Standard head BATTERY

Watson BP-U90. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for NEWTON head. 14.4 volt, 112 Wh.

HxWxD: 41.5 x 120.7 x 69.7 mm
Weight: 630 g

Power splitter

When several power out connectors by the camera cradle are needed, to for example Teradek RT lens motors, a wireless link, microphone or display. Splits the 4 pin LEMO power out connectors of the NEWTON system into 3 identical. House in aluminium with through hole for 1/4″ screw for mounting and 1/4″-20 threaded hole for attachment of other accessories.

HxWxD: 20 x 80 x 30 mm
Weight: 133 g

Power in/out cables open end

1 LEMO connector to NEWTON head/controller. 1 open end where we can solder on various connectors for an extra fee.

Power out to TV camera

Power to camera with 4 pin XLR connector, for example SONY P1 & P50

Length: 30 cm

Power out to Teradek RT MDR.X Reciever

Power to Teradek lens motors system with lemo connector

Length: 30 cm

Power out to Film camera

Power to camera with lemo connector, for example RED and Arri Alexa mini.

Length: 30 cm


Controller: HxWxD: 28 x 44 x 28 cm

PRICE: € 445

Head: HxWxD: 27 x 60 x 52 cm


Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Made to fit between a 4K broadcast camera and NEWTON S2 Fiber. Flexible but armoured with stainless steel tube providing stronger protection than standards fiber optic cables.

Ø: 3 mm
Cable length: 160 cm
Type: 9/125 OS2 Single Mode armored
Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.2dB
Connectors: ST/UPC Simplex

Cable By Meter

You can order this cable with length and connectors of choosing.

Fiber Cable Clips Kit

Plastic clips to attach the 160 cm fiber cable along the rods and joints of NEWTON S2 Fiber, from pan motor to camera.

3 Rod Fiber Clips
4 Motor Fiber Clip with screws
All has tracks for 2 & 3 mm fiber cables

Converter: Dual to Single Fiber (SONY P43)

Bi-Directional and enables the use of the SONY P43 camera on NEWTON S2 Fiber without adapting the CCU/BPU. Converts the two fiber connections between a SONY P43 and its CCU/BPU to one fiber signal to be put through NEWTON S2 Fiber. Sold as a pair, one by the camera and one by the CCU/BPU. The converters has a house of aluminum alloy with two slots for 1/4” screws for mounting. Two 1/4 – 20 screws included.

Insertion loss: < 1.0 dB
Connectors: ST/UPC
Cable Ø: 3 mm
Cable Length: to camera/CCU 25 cm, to NEWTON 160 cm 
House HxWxD: 13 x 105 x 38 mm
House weight: 100 g

Converter Kit - 12G BNC to Optical Fiber

Complete kit for integrating a camera with video out BNC connector with NEWTON S2 Fiber, for example the SONY P50 4K camera. The kit converts the SDI out on the camera to optical fiber signal through the NEWTON head and back to SDI for the broadcast facility. The kit supports up to 12G (4K) SDI video. The two converters are powered by the NEWTON system or via wall socket and the camera is also powered.

Converter HxWxD: 18 x 100 x 15 mm
Converter weight: 55 g

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