3D cable cam (spidercam) with NEWTON stabilized remote head
Newton stabilized remote head on spidercam cable cam

3D cable cam

NEWTON stabilized head


key features - NEWTON stabilized remote head
  • Unlimited pan.
  • 3-axis stabilization even during straight look down.
  • Lightweight, enabling the camera to fly higher with less wear on cables.
  • Brushless motors avoiding jerky sway.
  • Turn key integration, from 4K camera to fiber cable systems.
  • Internal batteries powering a broadcast package up to 3 hours.
About NEWTON ON 3D cable cam

4 point, or 3-dimensional cable camera systems, has become popular in live TV broadcast of for example field sports and concerts, due to its highly dynamical camera movement. Our customers Spidercam GmbH and Special Grip Hungary use the NEWTON gimbal on their 3D cable cams at for example football, cricket and in indoor event halls.

A 3D cable cam system is based on a flying camera mount connected to the ground through 4 cables, 1 in each corner, which are pulled in different directions through a remote-controlled system. These cables often contain fiber communication between the camera and for example an OB van and NEWTON’s clean passthroughs of signals for serial data and video integrates directly to these fiber systems. The lightweight NEWTON gimbal enables the camera to fly high in this setup but also reduces the stress given to the fiber cables. The NEWTON remote head has smooth brushless motors which do not create as much sway in the cables as bigger geared heads, especially at stand still. NEWTON’s unlimited pan and the 3-axis stabilization, without gimbal-lock during straight look down, is essential since the camera travels above the action with footage on all sides. As a result, the NEWTON stabilized remote head has become a world class actor on 3D wire systems.

A 3D cable cam system with NEWTON usually require two operators, one controlling head and lens through the NEWTON controller and one pilot controlling the dolly in 3 dimensions.

Spidercam GmbH is probably the world’s biggest provider of 3D cable cams and since 2017 they have equipped all their dollies with the NEWTON camera gimbal. Together, we offer Augmented Reality and we hope to make this accessible to more camera platforms during year 2020. The Spidercam system comes in various dimensions and can fly a camera at 9.5 m/s for 250m x 250m. Through fiber connectivity the Spidercam allows for dynamic live broadcast with a remote controlled camera featuring a microphone, speaker, tele-prompter and tally.

complete 3D cable cam

We sell NEWTON S2 Fiber with Spidercam
Newton stabilized head on spidercam light 3D cable cam
NEWTON C2 remote controller for stabilized camera head

Want a cable cam?

We sell NEWTON S2 stabilized head for your existing 3D cable cam dolly but we also offer complete systems with Spidercam GmbH. We can also direct you to our 3D cable cam customers if you would like to rent these solutions.

Let us help you with Integration

We have over the years gained a lot of experience of integration of complete moving camera solutions, from camera to broadcast facilities. Let us guide you through the purchase of reliable converters, cables and other equipment.

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Cable cam on set

We evaluated the NEWTON S2 fiber prototype in live sports broadcast during the product development and we are now integrating the NEWTON S2 Fiber on our flagship product line for 4K broadcast of soccer, motor sports, cricket etc. The capability of providing rock steady shots, even in difficult conditions, and the freedom in maneuvering the camera, made the NEWTON remote system the right choice for our way forward.

Jan Peters, Spidercam GmbH, Nov 2018
Newton stabilized head on cable cam controller south africa
Newton stabilized head on spidercam 3D cable cam cricket
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