3 NEWTON stabilized heads at Norwegian Eurovision Qualifications 2020
Newton stabilized remote head controller for moviebird camera crane and egripment rail cam at MGP

3 NEWTON stabilized heads on camera crane, cable and rail cam at MGP

DYNamic live TV broadcast with NEWTON proving its versatility on a variety of moving camera platforms

Norwegian Eurovision Qualifications 2020 & 2021

Empire Media AS & NRK

The Norwegian service provider Empire Media has supplied telescopic camera cranes to Norwegian broadcast events for many years and with this worked with many stabilized camera heads that are common on telescopic cranes. In 2017, they started using a NEWTON stabilized head on Dactylcam cable cam and soon also supplied their Movebird 52 telescopic camera crane with NEWTON. For this high profile TV show, these camera platforms were equipped with SONY P1 cameras and Canon HJ14 lenses.

Empire Media also supplied an Egripment G-track rail system, moving along the stage with a telescopic pedestal. On top was a NEWTON S2 Fiber controlling a SONY P50 4K camera with Canon HJ14 lens. This solution gave the broadcast a clean HD feed and the operator another HD feed with zoom and focus data overlay.

With the NEWTON S2 stabilized head on our telescopic camera crane we were able to swing the camera at a very high speed, creating smooth intriguing shots during the live broadcast. Since the NEWTON gimbal is so small, the camera can reach higher and even lower, which is very useful indoors among a live audience.

Tossief Jafri, Empire Media AS

See more about Empire Media: https://www.empiremedia.no


Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) 2020 was the 58th edition of the music competition functioning as the Norwegian qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest. The 6-show competition was organized and broadcast by Norwegian public channel NRK in January and February. The semi-finals were held at the H3 Arena in Fornebu, with the final in Trondheim Spektrum.

Newton stabilized head on Egripment rail dolly and Moviebird camera crane
Newton stabilized head on Moviebird 52ft camera crane
Newton stabilized head controller on Moviebird camera crane
Newton stabilized head on Dactylcam cable cam and Moviebird camera crane
Newton stabilized head with TV camera on Egripment rail dolly
Newton stabilized head on Moviebird camera crane
Newton stabilized head on Moviebird 52 camera crane
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