1D cable cam with for live TV broadcast, NEWTON stabilized head
Newton stabilized remote head on point to point cable cam

1D cable cam

NEWTON stabilized head


key features - NEWTON stabilized remote head
  • Unlimited pan.
  • 3-axis stabilization even during straight look down.
  • Lightweight, enabling a light cable cam system with less wear on cables.
  • Brushless motors avoiding jerky sway.
  • Serial data port for wireless control link, with reliable frequency of choice.
About NEWTON ON 1D cable cam

1-dimensional or “point to point” cable cam systems let a camera to fly along a cable stretched between two anchor points and the motor of these systems is usually placed on the moving dolly. 1D cable cam systems are becoming popular across arenas for live broadcast of sports and stage performances but also outside along for example cross-country skiing tracks. Cable cam is also heavily used in film production, in situations where it proves more secure and practical than a drone.

With a cable cam system such as DEFY Dactylcam, operators can transport a TV camera up to 1000 meters and with the unlimited pan of the NEWTON stabilized head, the camera can travel above the action and gather footage on all sides. With for example a 14 x zoom lens on the camera, this footage can cover a lot of ground. The gyro-stabilization of the NEWTON head stabilizes the natural sway of the cable dolly and allows the cable cam system create long smooth dolly and tracking shots at live broadcast. The motor/joint configuration of NEWTON enables 3-axis stabilization in all angles without gimbal lock, even during straight look down. 

On a 1D cable cam system it is most common for all communication between operator and rig to be wireless and it is important to have it on a reliable frequency if among a crowd of people. NEWTON can be integrated with most broadcast ready wireless control links through serial data connection and power feed from the NEWTON batteries. Wireless video links are also easily integrated.

The DEFY Dactylcam with NEWTON stabilized head only requires one operator, with hand controls for the camera package and foot pedals for the cable dolly. This setup enables steady and controlled movement up to 60 km/h with smooth transitions and enough battery power to last up to 10 hours. With silent performance and settings for max speed, end points etc., the DEFY Dactylcam with NEWTON stabilized head is probably the most widely used 1D cable cam system for top tier live TV broadcast.

Complete 1D cable cam system

We sell NEWTON S2 with DEFY Dactylcam
Defy Dactylcam 1D cable cam with NEWTON stabilized remote head for live TV broadcast
Defy Dactylcam cable cam controller
NEWTON C2 remote controller for stabilized camera head
point to point 1D cable cam with NEWTON stabilized remote head at live TV broadcast

Wireless communication with broadcast grade video and data links.

1D cable cam with NEWTON stabilized remote head at live TV broadcast wireless video link

Unlimited pan and reliable performance at live TV broadcast.

Want a cable cam?

We sell NEWTON S2 stabilized camera control systems for your existing cable cam systems but also complete systems with DEFY Products. We can also direct you to our customers if you would like to rent our products.

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We have over the years gained a lot of experience of integration of complete moving camera solutions, from camera to broadcast facilities. Let us guide you through the purchase of reliable wireless links, converters, cables and other equipment.

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cable cam on set

I will say that the NEWTON has allowed us to provide a superior product and to stay within reasonable rigging tensions, making our cable cam system a very safe installation on set. Furthermore, the NEWTON head and its controller have great integration with cameras and lenses both for cinema and broadcast purposes. The robust motors in the head can handle our 20+ lb payload going 65+ mph when tracking motorcycles and the sensitivity of the NEWTON controller’s one of the best controllers I’ve had my hands on.

Jesse Placky, founder of Condorcam
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