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We are a Swedish technology company that develops and offers specialized product and support solutions for stabilization and remote control of moving cameras in the international TV and film industry.

With Nordic engineering and a passion for functional design, we create user-friendly camera stabilization products that perform at the highest level, while keeping the price relatively low. In this way, we want to contribute to increased creative freedom, better production economy and a wider scope for world-class live TV experiences – in sports, music, entertainment and events.

Your success is our commitment.
NEWTON S2 stabilized head remote controller

Plug in. Relax. Broadcast.


NEWTON S stabilized remote head was first introduced in early 2016 and has since then been used extensively in live broadcast around the world, for example at Eurovision Song Contest, with 300 million viewers. In mid 2018, the successor NEWTON S2 was launched with upgrades such as stronger motors, higher power and a more sophisticated slip ring.

The compact, rugged and user-oriented design of NEWTON S2 combined with leading stabilization technology turns it into a practical and versatile specialist camera tool. With discreet features, NEWTON S2 provides stabilized moving shots, from new angles, at live broadcast and is easily integrated with both cameras and broadcast facilities.

camera movement

The NEWTON S2 stabilized remote head is used on a variety of moving applications such as telescopic cranes, cable cams, high-speed rails, tower-cams, tracking cars, motorcycles and boats.

NEWTON’s ultra-compact design enables installations of moving cameras in front or overhead of audience, without obstructing the view of spectators nor other cameras. Get the TV viewers closer to the action with NEWTON S2.

What NEWTON can do for you

Dynamnic Live TV footage

NEWTON stabilized head enables moving cameras from new shooting angles, since it’s compact and easier to hide.

Smooth camera operation

The NEWTON controller offers customizable joystick feel and personal control mapping for precision during live events.


NEWTON is made for live broadcast where reliability is key and our customers trust NEWTON in high profile events.

Easy transport. Easy rigging

NEWTON packs into 2 small hard cases to be flown without extra charges. Our camera cage enables the payload to be pre-balanced and quickly mounted.

wider service offering

NEWTON stabilized head can be used on a variety of moving rigs and with a low price tag this enables our customers to offer services to more TV productions.


Our support

We strive to make all productions successful and if our customers run into problems, we are a quick phone call away.

Behind the scenes

NEWTON on Spidercam at Gamescom

See the 2 min video where operators and the producer give their feedback and explain how they use the NEWTON gimbal on Spidercam Light to make travelling shots through Augmented Reality graphics. See full story.


Sky Deutschland is one of leading entertainment broadcasters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In their live studio in Munich, there is a Spidercam Light cable cam with a NEWTON S2 stabilized head creating these travelling shots with AR.

Together with Spidercam, we have developed AR support for the Spidercam dolly and NEWTON gimbal. A feature we hope to expand to more dolly systems in the near future.


in live tv

The Oscars・Billboard Awards・MTV VMA・American Idol・The Voice・Eurovision Song Contest・America’s Got Talent・Champions League・X-Factor・Metallica Worldwired Tour・Beyonce OTR2 Tour・Indian Premier League・Cricket World Cup・Premier League・Rugby World Cup・Dancing With The Stars・World Of Dance・IBU Biathlon World Championship・BBC Newsroom・Roland-Garros・Boxing World Championships・FIS Nordic World Cup・NFL・CFL・New York Marathon・Euro Hockey Tour・Dancing On Ice・FEI World Cup・BBC Last Night Of The Proms・FIBA Basketball World Cup・Emmy Awards・Australian Open


Examples of broadcasters and service providers that work with their own NEWTON systems. You are welcome to contact them for assignments with moving NEWTON controlled cameras.

How CAN WE Assist you?

We sell NEWTON S2 stabilized camera control systems for your existing rigs but also complete moving camera solutions to service providers, TV-channels, broadcasters and rental houses. We can also direct you to our customers if you would like to rent our products.

Let us help you with Integration

We have over the years gained a lot of experience of integration of complete moving camera solutions, from camera to broadcast facilities. Let us guide you through the purchase of reliable wireless links, converters, cables and other equipment.

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